Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We Have Arrived!!!

After a long flight and an even longer bus ride we have made it safely to Brest.  All of the stagiaires are with their host families and should get a good rest tonight.  The flight went smoothly with no delays or significant bumps minus one misplaced suitcase which we hope to soon recover from the airline.  The bus ride was long but the stagiaires got a nice view of the French countryside (if they managed to stay awake). And all of the people we encountered along the way were excited to see and speak to the stagiaires here to soak up the French culture.

In the next few days all of the stagiaires will become oriented to the city of Brest, our daily schedule and their host families.  And so the adventure begins!

A few group photos are included here but if you click the link below there are more photos from the airport and the bus ride.  Can you tell they're tired on the bus?

Departure Photos


  1. Hope that wasn't Meg's bag missing.

  2. No it wasn't. The parents of the stagiaire have already been notified.

  3. What a great first blog! Thank you for finding the time to write it, despite the long journey...I'm sure you're tired!