Monday, June 24, 2013

Reception at City Hall

Today the stagiaires were welcomed to the city of Brest with a reception at the Mairie (City Hall).  The host families, our coordinators and all those involved in making this program happen in Brest were invited.  The ceremony began with a short speech by our Literature instructor and Student Coordinator Loïc Lerme.  His speech was followed by two students speeches given by Lauren Philips and Leland Nelson. Both speeches were well prepared and well received.  Finally the Mayor's representative welcomed the group to Brest and informed us that we are all invited to a special concert on the Fourth of July hosted by the American Consul to Rennes.  The speeches were followed by light refreshments.  Below is a photo of the group on the steps of the Mairie.

Tuesday and Wednesday are normal class days. But Thursday we leave for our second excursion to Normandy and we will return late Friday night.  Keep a look out for a new blog post on that trip once we've all returned and recovered.

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