Friday, June 14, 2013

Discovering Brest!

Over the last couple of days the stagiaires had the opportunity to discover the city of Brest. Unlike the day we arrived, the weather was (relatively) warm, it was sunny and not too windy.  We led them around town and showed them all of the important sites, including the location of the schools, where they would have lunch during the week and the shopping areas in the center of town.  The stagiaires also practiced navigating the public transportation system.

They then had to demonstrate their navigational skills the very next morning (Friday) in order to show up for their first day of school. Each stagiaire successfully made their way from their host family's home using the bus, the tram, or both and made it on-time to the classroom! After the morning classroom activities, we led the students to the center of town for a scavenger hunt.  They were divided into six groups and given two sets of clues per group. They then were instructed to explore the center of town and take photos of the response to each clue.  The weather was perfect for this outdoor activity and the stagiaires had the opportunity to nagivate Brest and explore on their own.

Some pictures from the last two days are included below and the rest can be found at the following link:

Getting Around Brest

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