Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last Week in Brest

Today marks the end of our last full week in Brest.  Wednesday morning we leave for a few days in Paris and then its back to the United States on Saturday.

This week we had our last classes, prepared for our Fête des Familles (a party and show being held with the host families Monday) and the stagiaires participated in two optional activities.

Thursday, we were invited to a play put on by a traveling troupe of young performers from the city of Rennes (the capital of Brittany).  The actors ranged in age from 15 to 19 and were performing a modern adaptation of a classic French folktale "La Barbe Bleue".  The story seems a little gruesome but it is well known in France and the modern adaptation of the tale made it quite comical.  Our stagiaires as well as the elementary school children in the audience all enjoyed the show.

Friday night, many of the stagiaires and their host families went Bowling.  Everyone had a good time and some of the stagiaires even demonstrated themselves to be quite proficient bowlers.  A few photos from the night are below and the rest can be viewed at the link.

Barbe Bleue and Bowling Photos

Another fun activity we had in the last few weeks was the Concours de desserts (dessert competition).  For the last three weeks, once a week a group of the stagiaires made a dessert with their host family and brought it in to class for everyone to taste.  This meant that once a week for the last three weeks everyone ate A LOT of dessert. But of course no one complained :)  Photos from the Concours de dessert can be viewed at the link below.

Concours de dessert photos

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